The past couple days have been less than spectacular with respect to exploring Japan. I had a lot of administrative responsibilities to tackle this month. After reaching our one year point, we had to renew our car insurance. ✅ And after my American vacation, we needed more tollbooth passes. ✅ This month my free gift was two fans! Help us survive the summer. 

I also made a trip to Costco. To my delight, they had Halloween decorations and costumes on display. Maybe I’ll survive the summer after all! 

Police uniforms that look like BDUs. 

This guy was my favorite. I was tempted to buy one to replace our old “scary man.” He was animated – talked, moved, and his eyes flashed! 

The other concern for this time of year is the intrusion of bugs. We have been diligent to call housing weekly to have them spray for bugs. Well, it didn’t quite work as great as I hoped. The intense heat was replaced by never ending rain. This equates to bug invasion. This morning, as I was sitting at my computer, something caused me to turn around 180 degrees. I can’t remember why I turned because immediately I saw this awful creature crawling on my floor and went into attack mode. It may not seem very big – just remember, I’m very tall! 

After killing it, I reflected on how pleased I was to have white tiled floor. Something I can’t believe I’m saying. But, the bugs can’t hide. For my enjoyment, here’s the video of me killing it. This year, I’m armed and dangerous! 

I proceeded to spray the house and found another mukade outside and a huge beetle. Both are dead now. 

Needless to say, after the big invasion on Friday, I needed to clean the entire house! Exploring could wait!