Monday was my last full day of my American Adventure. It ended on a high note with more views of the Pacific Ocean as we drove along the coast to Big Sur. 

We stopped frequently because we didn’t have too many miles between where we were staying on the north end of Big Sur and where the landslide was blocking the road. Each stop gave us more beautiful views. 

We were fortunate to have a bright sunny morning for our journey. 

The breeze was strong as well. Providing the perfect opportunity for one last “flock of seagulls” hair picture. Check out Roxanne. No wind can mess up her perfect style! 

As we continued south, we came to Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park. We stopped to walk around and took a quick walk through a few Big Trees. They weren’t quite as large at the trees in Redwood but, magnificent in their own way. 

One trail that led to the beach was one of the few trails open. It seemed like a sign. Beach friends find a trail to the beach! Off we went. 

We took a little time to play on the beach! 

As the clouds rolled in again and the breeze picked up, we retreated from the beach. We made it safely to the van, stopped for lunch, and began our trip back to the airb&b. 

We were glad to have enjoyed the beautiful sunset the night before because our last night was full of clouds. 

The clouds didn’t dampen our spirits or our time together. We finished the evening with a salmon dinner, wine, and dominoes (chicken feet – our new favorite). The time I was able to spend with my friends and family over the past three weeks was just what I needed. Dave and I are enjoying our time living in Japan with the daily adventures. Living so far away from our loved ones is perhaps the most difficult part. Thank you for taking the time to let me savor my time while I was with everyone and also for giving me time to share the experience with you. I’m so appreciative of everyone who worked their summer schedules to make this vacation possible. Thank you and I love you! 

One last closing thought. July 31st marks our one year anniversary in Japan. I have enjoyed “wabisabisole” as a means to share my experiences. While I can’t say I fit in like a local, I can definitely say I’ve developed a new sense of confidence, adventure, and independence as a result of living abroad for the past year. I appreciate all your love and support throughout our Japan Journey. I look forward to sharing even more stories with you over the next couple years. Simultaneously, if you are thinking about coming to visit, now might be a good time to start planning your own adventures!