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Yokohama Afternoon

After we got Danny off to Haneda Airport on Friday morning, the girls and I headed to Cup Noodle Museum. This stop on the Julia Tour was especially for Chase-Chan. The little one loves ramen. First step, stand in line to buy your cup to decorate.

Next, we spent time decorating our Cup Noodle.

Then we added our noodles, seasoning, and flavors.

Finally, our perfect, made-to-order Cup Noodle is packaged and sealed.

After making our personalized Cup Noodle, we spent time exploring the Cup Noodle Museum. The museum encourages innovation and persistence in pursuing your dreams.

The Cup Noodle Museum is on top of my list of places for kids in Japan. However, it might be one of the loudest places in Japan. Therefore, I like to incorporate a beer stop before or after for the adults. This time, we choose the KIRIN City restaurant in Yokohama. Jennifer and I ordered a frozen beer. After our adventures in Miyajima and seeing the sign missed labeled for beers as bears, we decided they should be calling the frozen beers “polar bears.” Haha! The foam was completely frozen. It was a little different, but nonetheless refreshing.

We finished up the afternoon with a little shopping before heading home for a relaxing night before their flight on Saturday.

Saturday morning, Jen and I enjoyed one more walk to Zushi Beach. We were hoping to catch a glimpse of Mt. Fuji. It was our lucky day.

A few hours later we were saying our goodbyes as they waited for the Narita Express.

Dave and I enjoyed a wonderful week sharing Japan with the Thompsons. I still can’t believe how quickly the week passed. We enjoyed so many laughs and created so many memories. We will see you soon, friend-family aka fri-amily. Ja Matane

Yokohama Day Trip

Our first stop in Yokohama was the station. We stopped for train stamps and an onigiri snack. When in Japan, visit the Conveni and eat onigiri! 

Next on the agenda was the CupNoodle Museum. This is the second time it has been on a Julia Tour. I highly recommend it. I love the fact your Cup Noodle is your souvenir. They have worked out the process to a science. First, you buy your cup. 

Then wash your hands. 

After reading the rules for decorating your cup, you are escorted to a decorating table. 

We spent about 20 minutes decorating our masterpieces. I made a cup for Layla’s husband, Nick, so they could enjoy a Japanese ramen dinner after they returned home. 

Our finished products. 

After decorating, we prepared our cups with noodles and flavor. The cups are placed upside down on the noodles. Each person turns the wheel and the noodles drop into the cup. 

Next, you select the flavor of the ramen. Nina and Noah each selected traditional ramen flavor. Layla choose seafood flavor and I picked curry flavor for the cup I made for Nick. Also, we selected four toppings for each of our CupNoodle. 

The chicken is my favorite. Kawaii! 

After our cups are filled, the lid is applied and the cup is shrink wrapped. 

After we made our own CupNoodle, we walked quickly around the museum. We were able to learn more about the history of the CupNoodle and pause/pose for a few pictures. 

After our visit to the CupNoodle Museum, we meet up with Dave. We enjoyed a nice American lunch at Hard Rock Cafe Yokohama. As we made our way to the next stop on Julia’s tour, we took a quick detour at the Gatcha and Pokémon. 

Our next adventure was at the Trick Art Cruise. This again made the Julia tour because it’s entertaining and a fantastic rainy day activity. Here are a few of my favorite pictures. 

One of Noah’s Japan requests was to find a Yokohama Baystars baseball hat. We looked at Sports Authority and didn’t have any luck. We jumped a train and two stops later we were at the Baystars Stadium. 

Of course we found one at the stadium! 

This was our last stop of the day. From here, we headed home on one last train ride. From our first to the last train ride, we were all smiles! 

Yokohama Tourist

Wednesday we headed to Yokohama. Our destination was the Cup Noodles Museum. On our walk to the museum, we were sidetracked by the rides at Cosmo World. Cosmo World is an amusement park in the Minato Mirai area of Yokohama. Our first stop in Cosmo World was a spin on the Cosmo Clock 21 – aka the giant Ferris wheel. 

On the ride, we had a great view of the surrounding city. The large red brick building behind the roller coaster is the Cup Noodles Museum. 

The tall rectangular building is the Landmark Tower. 

Port of Yokohama. 

A few pictures of the park and the roller coaster Vanish! 

After our ride on the Cosmo Clock 21, James and Delaney rode Vanish! Vanish! is a disappearing roller coaster. 


JJ was able to capture a great picture of the kids on the roller coaster. They are sitting in the front car. 

After our visit in Cosmo World, we continued to our original destination, the Cup Noodles Museum. 

We enjoyed having the opportunity to decorate the cup and select our own cup noodles flavor. 

Selecting the flavors! 

After we made our cup noodles, we visited the museum. The museum cracks me up. The Japanese are so proud of Momofuku Ando for inventing chicken ramen – the first Cup Noodles flavor. So proud, in fact, when viewing the museum you are given the impression he did something more monumental than just making a cup full of noodles! 

It was another fun day full of walking and exploring. There is still so much to do!! I can’t believe the Cummings are leaving tomorrow! It has been a blast playing their tour guide and experiencing Japan together! 

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