Sonia and I went on an ITT trip to the Doki Doki Flea Market located on the east side of Tokyo. Here was our route. 

Shockingly, traffic was a breeze both coming and going. The Flea Market opened at 10am. Here was the line to enter. 

Here was the crowd as we walked in! 

The Doki Doki was like a giant garage sale. I was hoping for lots of Japanese antiques. Nope. Not at all. Only thing I bought was lunch. Pizza and a beer from Uncle Ken’s bus with a built in brick oven. 

I don’t plan on returning next year. I don’t suggest you go either. Unless, you need bride and groom bunnies or cats. This picture summarizes the items for sale. 

On a more important note, we found out in the middle of the night that Dave was selected to promote to the rank of Captain! I am so proud of all his hard work over the past 32+ years of his Naval career. He is dedicated to excellence and an inspiration to so many. Congratulations, my love. I love you and I’m so proud of you! 

His work surprised him with a cake and balloons!