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Yokosuka Shobuen

I had one more garden on my list to view wisteria, Yokosuka Shobuen. Yokosuka Shobuen is actually known for being one of the largest iris gardens in Japan. The wisteria is an added bonus. The garden has over 140,000 iris. They were beginning to sprout but, not yet in bloom. Guess, I will be returning next month!

The garden opened at 9:00am. I decided to drive because my research told me there was plenty of parking. I arrived 9:30 and was ahead of the crowds. Here was my route.

The funniest part was the Japanese parking attendant coming over to my car after I parked. Following the protocol, I backed into the spot. However, I parked the Hooptie a little crooked. The attendant came over and asked me to re-park with her assistant, of course. Haha! If she only knew crooked parking is pretty much how I roll. Or stop rolling for that matter.

Moving on to the garden. The entry ticket was self-service. Fortunately, there was English.

Also, remember yesterday I mentioned the carp streamers being hung for Children’s Day. There were some at the garden entrance.

The wisteria was delightful. The garden wasn’t very large, I was able to walk around the entire garden in about an hour. I took a lot of pictures. I’ll share my favorites. Hopefully, not too many.

Here is the view when entering the garden. The beds in the foreground are the iris.

The first stop was the wisteria arbor.

The path then led to the wisteria garden. There were so many different colors. The scent was intoxicating!

The path then took me through a wisteria tunnel. So much pink and purple! It was magical.

The next area was the trellis of Japanese wisteria. There were actually several trellises. One was set up for hanami.

The others were a little lower and beautiful as well. More pink and purple!

I couldn’t resist a wisteria selfie.

My other favorite thing to do was to literally stand under / inside the wisteria.

In closing, a few close-up shots of the blooms. Do you have a favorite? Pink or purple?

Meguro River 

Sakura Season is really starting to blossom. Would you believe that Google Map actually identifies areas where Sakura present and their bloom status. One place that has received a lot of attention is the Meguro River.

Besides Sakura, in the Meguro River area is Pizzeria de Michele. The plan of the day came together quickly and I was able to convince Dina and two of her kids to join me.

Lunch at Pizzeria de Michele, followed by a walk along the Meguro River to view the Sakura.

The pizza was just as amazing. Eme said it was her favorite pizza place in Japan. I couldn’t agree more!

After lunch, we took a 20-minute walk up and over a hill to the Meguro River walk. The Sakura were lovely.

We walked along one side, crossed the bridge, and then came down the other side. The other side had fuller blooms and at times gave the feeling of being surrounded by the Sakura. At night, the lanterns light up!

Along the way down the other side, we stopped for Sakura mochi. Because Japan!

As we made our way to the train station, we passed several different varieties of Sakura. The first were white!

The other set were bright pink along an office building.

Sakura Season is so beautiful. It was interesting to see how many people were there walking along the river. On a weekday!

Sakura Geraniums 

I went to the Homes store today and picked up a few more plants to decorate the back yard and fill my herb pot. They had Sakura Geraniums for sale! Sakura Sakura for everyone! 

They are so pretty and a highlight to the double fence issue in the backyard. 

I put a total of five planters along the back fence. Three with Geraniums and two with this interesting plant. Not really sure what it is other than pretty and pink. 

My last project was the herb pot. Filled with herb happiness. 

I absolutely love coming home to the front porch of our cell block. It’s so homey and inviting. I can’t wait for you to see it in person when you visit. 

I want to tell you one more thing I finally did today and it is on a completely different topic. My Japanese grandmothers have a cute way to communicate a change of subject. They say, “thank you for sharing. Ok. Subject change.”

I finally figured out how to put my name on my PASMO card. I first noticed this was an option when I saw Dina’s card. I tried once before and couldn’t figure it out. Almost 8 months into this adventure and two attempts, my card is named! I must give James credit. We had to put his name on his card because he qualified for a youth fare PASMO and through that experience I had a clue. Today, on my way to meet Dave and his former CMC from SWOSU for dinner, I charged my card and put my name on it in less than a minute. Boom! Small accomplishments make me feel amazing. Now let’s hope I get on the correct trains to get me to Yokosuka on time… 

Flowers by Naked

Catchy title, huh? 

I went with a group of spouses to Nihonbashi area of Tokyo to visit an art exhibit known as “Flowers” by Naked 2017. 

As you entered the exhibit hall, the aromatic fragrance immediately removed any stress. The aroma was complemented by calming music both of which helped to establish a majestic and serene atmosphere. 

The journey through the exhibit begin with a story book illustrating the flowers on display. 

The art exhibit included real flowers, flower images, and lighting to bring the flowers to life. 

Some of the flower displays were larger than life! 

To illustrate summer was an over six-foot tall dandelion seed head. 

Frozen flowers of winter. 

As you progressed through the exhibit, you moved through a bamboo tunnel. 

Springtime = Sakura! 

These three ladies were preforming an interpretive dance beneath the Sakura exhibit. 

The Sakura exhibit was enhanced with a light show. The lights brought the blossoms to life and gave me the sensation of watching the blossoms in a gentle breeze. 

A couple close up pictures of the paper Sakura flowers. 

This dress! A Sakura inspired design. Notice the train! 

These images are my favorite. A large illuminated ball representing a full moon hung with the Sakura trees. 

Full moon, Sakura trees and the amazing Sakura dress. 

Coming around the corner, I found the flower science lab! Here you could smell the different fragrances of several flowers. 

There was also a balcony viewing area. It was relaxing to listen to the music, smell the aromatherapy, and watch the light show. 

It was a very unique art experience. One of my Ikebana friends was there as well and we both laughed at how much we are enjoying (and getting excited about) flowers since arriving in Japan. I remarked that I’m becoming so much like my grandmothers. I know both my grandmothers, Bobbee and Mona, would have loved this exhibit! 

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