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Typhoon Jongdari

We have been anticipating the arrival of Typhoon Jongdari since Monday. The various paths had it hitting close to Yokosuka.

Regardless, of the actual path, we were expecting strong winds and heavy rain by 3:00 pm on Saturday.

The heavy rain actually started around 3:30 pm and is expected to continue through the night.

The storm pulled all the moisture out of the area. As a result, the weather on Friday was delightful. Less humid and lower temperatures. It was a great night for baseball. Dave and I went to the Yokosuka Baystars AAA baseball game Friday night with a group of people from his work.

Red Sox and Cubs represented.

The biggest cheering section of the game! They were hysterical!

This morning, the weather still wasn’t terrible. The humidity had returned and it was a little drizzly. Zushi Beach was deserted. The Beach cabanas were packed up in preparation for the incoming storm.

The storm doesn’t seem to be too bad. We have experienced worse. I think we will weather Typhoon Jongdari just fine!

Typhoon Saola

This weekend’s weather was brought to us by Typhoon Saola. 

The base only set TCCOR Stormwatch. Mainly meaning a lot of rain and tropical storm winds. 

The storm is not as strong as Typhoon Lan nor did is get as close to Japan. 

None the less, we received plenty of rain. 

I know I said it already, but one more time, we received so much rain. We are safe and sound. I’m looking forward to a new weather pattern. This is the third rainy weekend in a row! 

Typhoon Lan

Typhoon Lan blew through the area on Sunday afternoon into early Monday morning. 

The base shut down during the storm and only essential personnel were required and permitted to enter. Dave went into work Sunday afternoon in preparation for the storm. The base schools were also closed. I was so excited schools were closed because I was supposed to substitute on Monday! Yay, my first ever Typhoon Day! 

By the time the storm was close to us, it had dropped to a Category 2 storm. 

The news reports said our area received 6-9  inches of rain! So much rain!

Here is a picture of the soccer fields on base. Normally, that huge pond is the soccer and baseball field. 

Throughout the storm, emergency alerts would come in on our phones. The Google Translate translations were pretty funny. Haha! 

Our cinder block home was perfectly safe. Just a lot of leaves and debris. 

Dave came home early Monday and we went out for lunch and a walk around. It was wonderful to see blue skies! I feel like it’s rained so much recently. We had lunch in Kamakura at Rooftops. It was a beautiful afternoon. 

After lunch, we walked down to Zushi Beach. Guess who we saw- Mt. Fuji! 


The Beach was busy with surfers catching the storm waves. 

Check this thing out – it didn’t make it through the storm. 

We were very fortunate with this storm. We never lost power and didn’t have any damage. I hope the rest of Japan didn’t experience too much damage! 

Typhoon Mindulle

Typhoon Mindulle came to visit and moved along.  We received a lot of rain.  Approximately 2.5 inches.  We were very fortunate and didn’t have any issues with our windows leaking or flooding.

When we woke, it was already raining.  Around 10:15 or so, we received a Emergency warning from the Japanese emergency broadcast system through our cell phones. Our phones vibrated and chimed a unique jingle to gain our attention.  The notification looked like this:

Google translate told us it meant:

Fortunately, we are in Zushi and Kamakura is about 20 minutes away. Kamakura is where we went on our field trip during AOB. Where we saw the Shinto Shrine & Great Buddha.

We relied on FB to receive our updates because we don’t have a television or radio. We did hear of one train accident caused by a landslide. Six people onboard. No one was injured.

The radar of the storm.

Peak wind readings.

All things considered we were very fortunate. Here are a couple pictures from the flooding. This is outside our front door.

We now have lake front property.

One of our neighbors living in one of the high rise towers posted this picture of the flooded soccer fields near the main gate of housing.

For us, it was a pretty quiet rainy day with fantastic news.  I did a dance of joy when Dave read the email stating our Household Goods will be delivered on Wednesday!  YES!  Wednesday.  Day after tomorrow!!  8/24/16!! That means it is time for me to swing into unpacking action.  Grip it & rip it!  It only took 55 days.  In fact, that is 8 days earlier than the 9/1/2016 scheduled delivery date. I LOVE early!

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