After our visit to the Yayoi Kusama Museum Thursday morning, Katie and I set out to explore Shinjuku. We visited Shinjuku back in February and still had more on our list of things to see.

Our first stop was for lunch. We stopped at a conveyor belt sushi restaurant. It was delicious!

After lunch, we visited the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.

During normal business hours, visitors are able to go to the 45th floor for free. The view was spectacular.

It’s hard to see, but in the far background of the photo below is the Tokyo Skytree.

While at the top, we went into a Japanese photo booth. They are like Snapchat Polaroids. Visiting one has been on Katie’s list. We will need to visit the ones in Harajuku. This one was kind of amateur hour. Regardless, our creations were hilarious.

After our trip to the top, we went back to area where we ate lunch. Or as we started to call it “crazy town.” There was so much going on, everywhere!

As we were walking around, we found this great craft beer and pizza restaurant called Tap Stand. We needed to visit! We both ordered the green tea IPA. Yummy! It was approaching dinner time and we were getting hungry. Who doesn’t love pizza!?!from the suggestion of our waiter, we ordered the thin crust mushroom pizza. It was delicious. This restaurant will be a place to return with Dave.

On the wall above the kitchen were numerous American brewery stickers. I was so excited to see Lakefront, Lagunitas, and Revolution stickers. It was like Chicago was welcoming us back home! As I’m looking closer at the stickers in the pictures, I realize there is a Tap Stand Brewery sticker. Now I definitely need to go back!

After dinner, it was time to head back home. It was such a fun Japanese Street culture afternoon. Between our museum visit in the morning and exploring in the afternoon/ evening we experienced a wide spectrum of Shinjuku culture. Believe it or not, we still didn’t get to everything on Katie Shinjuku list! I’m looking forward to our next Shinjuku adventure!