Catchy title, huh? 

I went with a group of spouses to Nihonbashi area of Tokyo to visit an art exhibit known as “Flowers” by Naked 2017. 

As you entered the exhibit hall, the aromatic fragrance immediately removed any stress. The aroma was complemented by calming music both of which helped to establish a majestic and serene atmosphere. 

The journey through the exhibit begin with a story book illustrating the flowers on display. 

The art exhibit included real flowers, flower images, and lighting to bring the flowers to life. 

Some of the flower displays were larger than life! 

To illustrate summer was an over six-foot tall dandelion seed head. 

Frozen flowers of winter. 

As you progressed through the exhibit, you moved through a bamboo tunnel. 

Springtime = Sakura! 

These three ladies were preforming an interpretive dance beneath the Sakura exhibit. 

The Sakura exhibit was enhanced with a light show. The lights brought the blossoms to life and gave me the sensation of watching the blossoms in a gentle breeze. 

A couple close up pictures of the paper Sakura flowers. 

This dress! A Sakura inspired design. Notice the train! 

These images are my favorite. A large illuminated ball representing a full moon hung with the Sakura trees. 

Full moon, Sakura trees and the amazing Sakura dress. 

Coming around the corner, I found the flower science lab! Here you could smell the different fragrances of several flowers. 

There was also a balcony viewing area. It was relaxing to listen to the music, smell the aromatherapy, and watch the light show. 

It was a very unique art experience. One of my Ikebana friends was there as well and we both laughed at how much we are enjoying (and getting excited about) flowers since arriving in Japan. I remarked that I’m becoming so much like my grandmothers. I know both my grandmothers, Bobbee and Mona, would have loved this exhibit!