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Foam or Fōmu

The best news of today, I had my last Tuesday night English class. It feels like summer break! Although, I will continue to see my grandmothers on Fridays. None the less, I traded in my teacher cardie for a swimsuit and flip flops!

The funny story of today was attempting to buy the supplies to make another tea box. Dina and I were instructed by Atsuko to go to the fabric store in Yokosuka vice Kamakura. So, we did. We both purchased fabric and batting. I also purchased enough batting to make a quilt or two in the near future.

The fabric purchase was pretty easy compared to purchasing the foam to cover the top. Dina and I went to Homes to purchase the foam padding. We walked around searching for a 50cm piece of foam padding without success. Dina was bold and asked for assistance. She even showed a picture to the store clerk. There was a customer standing nearby who overheard and asked us in English if she could help. She communicated with the store clerk and referred to foam as “fōmu” (pronounced fo-moo).  Seriously!?! Anyways, they eventually took us back to a piece of furniture foam that was a 40cm square. Nope, not it. Dina and I eventually gave up and left.

Meanwhile, during this ordeal, Dina messaged Atsuko and informed her we couldn’t find the foam. Atsuko said she would call the store. And she did. After Dina dropped me off for my Tuesday class, she realized she missed a call from Atsuko. The message Atsuko left informed Dina she called Homes and spoke with Mrs. Kobayashi. Atsuko told Dina to ask for Mrs. Kobayashi for assistance. Dina returned to the store and went to the customer service desk. She asked for Mrs. Kobayashi. Eventually, she was led back to the foam by a worker. One worker turned into six. All to cut foam. The same foam they couldn’t find an hour earlier.

At some point, Dina heard them mention Atsuko. She said, “hai, Atsuko.” At which point everyone seemed to be even more impressed and attentive to Dina’s needs. Even funnier, Dina doesn’t think she ever actually met Mrs Kobayashi.

What an adventure. All for three bags of fabric, batting, and foam.

I still need to get a tea box before next Wednesday. Dina’s tea box is under the bags. Here’s hoping the tea box purchase is a bit smoother.


Yokohama Garden Necklace 


Tide Pools 


  1. DJ

    Hahahaha! Ha.

    • wabisabisole

      I thought you would feel that way. Thanks for carrying the load!

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