We haven’t had too much luck with finding a good pizza spot in Japan. We have tried several different pizza joints from Yokosuka to Zushi to Yokohama to Tokyo. The one thing in common all of these pizza places had was offering corn as a topping. Yes, corn. Almost as gross as a squid eyeball pizza. Just kidding, that’s not a thing. 

Well, I have good news. This weekend Dave and I tried a new pizza restaurant, called Pizzeria Bar Napoli, on Blue Street (the Main Street in Yokosuka). 

Pizzeria Bar Napoli deserves an honorable mention. Pizzeria Bar Napoli is a small, cute little restaurant with a delicious margarita pizza for only ¥500. There is a small bar downstairs with seating upstairs. Also, they have an outdoor seating area when the weather is a little warmer. 
Here was our meal. Two individual sized pizzas and a salmon Caesar salad to share. Oh, and my beer! 

You can see from the picture, my pizza crust was a little burned. It was still good. Dave’s pizza didn’t have the over cooked crust issue so, I’m willing to give them one more shot to make the brick oven pizza we have been searching for since we moved here.