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Humid Rain – Sole Adventures 

I anticipated during the rainy season, there would inevitably be an early morning run or five in the rain. What I didn’t expect was how humid it would be even when it was raining! Between the rain drops and my profuse amount of sweat, by the end of my run I look like a drowned rat. It’s definitely not pretty. Simultaneously, I feel so sluggish because my clothes are soaked and my breathing is more labored because of the humidity. I was starting to wane on motivation. 

Recently, I read an article in POPSUGAR about how incorporating intervals into your run can help to burn more calories and gain speed. The article encourages runners to alternate between periods of pushing hard and periods of recovery. I don’t really care about speed and who doesn’t want to burn more calories! Plus, I needed something different to help me stay motivated. I decided to try running intervals on my run today. I would run “fast” until I saw a pretty flower! Then I would stop and take a picture. I made it through my normal route without getting too bored! I was constantly looking for the next flower so I could stop. 

And look at the flowers I captured in the humid soggy rain! 

The highlight of my mushy run was seeing and actually being able to pet a boxer puppy on the beach. Normally, the Japanese don’t like you to pet their dogs. But, this sweet girl came up to me and let me pet her! I think she knew I loved the nugget. I used one of my recovery periods to pet the puppy. The way she frolicked as she walked along the beach reminded me of Hannah and was a ray of sunshine on a gloomy and steamy day. I took this picture as they walked away. I caught her just as she turned around to say goodbye. You gotta love the boxer smile! 


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