As a space saving and savvy traveler, I don’t pack my hair dryer. If I’ve stayed at your house, you know I always ask to borrow yours when I visit.

My personal hair dryer is huge and powerful. It has a diffuser attachment to help tame the frizziness of my crazy curly hair. It usually takes about 6 minutes to dry my hair.

When staying at hotels, typically, the in room hair dryer is good enough to get the job accomplished. This was not the case at the New Sanno. The hair dryer was a circa 1970s model and had less force than a summer breeze.

The hose!

It took about 20 minutes to dry my hair each morning. This falls closely in step with my assessment that it takes about 3 times longer to do things in Japan. I can also draw a parallel between the politeness of the Japanese and this hair dryer. It was as if the hair dryer was being polite and didn’t blow too much air on the user.

Considering this is the opposite of my hair dryer, low power and no diffuser, I assume it is meant for people with straight hair. Ahhh. Right. 97% of the Japanese population has straight hair!

A quick Google search of the “Classic 2000” wall mounted hair dryer revealed it is still in production. It can be purchase for $245.00. Seriously!?!

Fortunately, I was planning on straightening my hair for the Christmas party and brought along my new (free) straightener. I’m so glad I didn’t have to try and dry it curly with this dryer. It would have been a frizzy mess!

I took a quick video to show the absurdity.