The second half of our ITT tour on Tuesday included the opportunity to visit the Shinkyo Bridge. The Shinkyo Bridge is ranked in the top three of Japan’s famous bridges. Set above the gorge with the mountains in the background created an amazing view. 

We passed a little shrine as we walked out on the bridge. 

We were so lucky to have such a gorgeous day! 

Our next part of the tour included taking a riverboat down the Kinugawa River. 

We were early for our tour time and were able to watch the boats being lowered into the water. 

We were given life vests and instructed to climb in the boat. We sat on tatami mats and therefore had to remove our shoes. 

The boat held our entire tour group – 28 people! 

The boat ride was quiet and swift. We drifted with the current and enjoyed the scenery. 

The entire ride took about 40 minutes. Here is a short video I took along our way. 

Our bus met us at the end of the ride. We loaded up and headed back to Yokosuka. I really enjoyed the trip. I look forward to returning to the area and having the chance to explore with Dave.