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Kombucha Update

My kombucha brewing seems to be taking off. My scoby has grown considerably. I think it looks disgusting even if it is super healthy!

Last week, Jennifer helped me brew a double batch. Today, I bottled a total of eight mason jars and brewed another double batch. I hope our family in Indiana appreciates the fact I used two of our Nicks mason jars. My kombucha may not be the best tasting beverage ever served in a Nicks glass, but it’s definitely the healthiest!

I did switch to using fruit juice and it has made a noticeable difference in the taste. This is the first batch I used the mango juice. I’ve used the purple energy root and it was good. I’m hesitant to say delicious just yet!

I will claim a small victory. One morning during Jen’s visit, she actually asked if she could have some! I consider that a significant milestone in flavor improvement!

Thank you for sharing. Ok. Subject change.

I have to share my funny story trying to get to English class today. On Fridays, I catch the 11:55 from Jimmuji Station to Shinzushi Station and then I walk to Zushi Station and catch the 12:12 train to Kamakura Station. From Kamakura Station, it is about an 8-minute leisurely walk to the community center.

I have a few minutes at Zushi station before my train arrives. I use this time to pick out my tea de jour from a vending machine. I bought my tea and turned around expecting a train to be on the track. But, no train. That’s weird. Japanese trains are always on time. I stand on the platform for a few minutes and still no train. At this point, a station master starts using a bull horn to alert everyone. I watch the people lined up with me for the 12:12 train look at him and then walk to the crossover for the other platform. Hmmm. What to do? Well, I follow them, of course, and watch as they all go to the train on track 2. Still confused, I asked another station attendant for help. Actually, I said, “Kamakura?” And pointed at the train. Hai! Then I asked, “at :22?” “Hai, :22.” Oh, boy. My stress level was through the roof. My class starts at 12:30. The 12:22 train would arrive at 12:26. I would have to run like a maniac to arrive to class on time. Back to my rules- wear sensible shoes. Once the train arrived at Kamakura Station, I think I broke every Japanese etiquette rule trying to get to class on time. I went down the up stairway, zigzagged through the crowd and then sprinted down the street and through crosswalks. No doubt I looked hilarious. Tall blondzilla running through the streets of Kamakura! I arrived at the community center at the same time two of my students where arriving. I was out of breath from my 4-minute sprint. I explained my train never came to the station. The best part, they asked me why no train!?! Haha! As if I could begin to have a clue.


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    Good thing Blondezilla in shape!

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