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Finding Beauty with Imperfection

Let’s Begin Again

Konnichiwa! I am safely back in Japan after a wonderful holiday in Maryland visiting my Mom. We spent half of my visit in Maryland and the other half in Bermuda. In Bermuda, we spent three nights at an air b&b in Warwick. While here, we had a chance to explore the pink sand beaches, Hamilton, and Dockyard. The beaches were definitely a highlight.

The city of Hamilton had so many picturesque spots. We enjoyed walking around and exploring the city.

A popular sight throughout Bermuda is the moongate. Walking through the gate is considered to bring good luck and happiness. We walked through as many as we could!

The second half of our trip we spent three nights at an air b&b in St. George’s. We had a chance to explore even more beaches.

We experienced several rain showers and rainbows. One morning we were caught in a torrential downpour when we were about 20 minutes away from our air b&b. We had a good laugh several times throughout our trek back in the rain and later as well. I’m sure we will remember that walk for a long time! Fortunately, we were able to se several rainbows as a result of all the showers. The wabi-sabi of a rain shower is a rainbow.

Also while visiting St. George’s, we took a tour of the Crystal Caves. The Crystal Caves were discovered in 1907. The limestone Caves were full of stalactites and stalagmites.

We really had a great week. Bermuda is a beautiful island with so many beaches and quaint areas. Here are a few more tourist pictures. Please enjoy!

I’m realizing this blog post is getting rather lengthy and full of photos. So, let me leave you with our happy memories of our Bermuda trip. Tomorrow, I’ll share our adventures in Bel Air.


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  1. Dj

    Awesome photos! Lovely time spent with your mama and great memories. Perfect.

  2. Mom

    The beauty of the island was only surpassed by the beautiful and cherished moments with my daughter!

    • wabisabisole

      Thanks, Mom! You’re the best. I’m lucky to be your daughter!! Thank you for the wonderful trip and special memories.

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