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Just when I thought I had heard it all… a friend told me about MariCAR in Tokyo. Essentially, you can dress as your favorite character and drive around the streets of Tokyo in a go-kart.

Dina invited me to go on this adventure with a group of spouses. Yes, please!  It was hysterical. We decided to pick the Mario & Luigi costumes to stick with the true Mario Cart theme.

We had a total of 8 spouses.

There were 2 guides, one in front and one behind, to lead the way and help if anyone was stuck at a light. This happened a couple times, however, it was no big deal. The group ahead would stop and wait. We hit two major areas of Tokyo. First, we passed by and stopped at Tokyo Tower. Think of this as the Japanese Eiffel Tower.

Please also keep in mind, we were driving on the roads. NOT a closed course. There was traffic!!

I also have to mention how many people were taking our photos. Every time we stopped we had a paparazzi. It was hilarious and so much fun! Especially, at Shibuya Crossing! We drove through three times. Each time was more fun than the next!

One of the ladies wore a go pro camera. She is directly behind me as we rode through Shibuya. That’s me in front with my blond curly hair!!


It was a blast. And now you’re asking, “can we go when I visit?” Maybe. You need to have an international driver’s license. It is my understanding you can get one at AAA before coming to visit. It’s really not too hard to drive on the left because you are following. I would recommend not being in the lead. The traffic lights are a bit confusing at first. Also, no rubbing. In MariCAR, rubbing is not racing – it’s breaking! Please see the rules.

Did you see number 4? I can only imagine how many pictures & posts I made on FB today. If you’re going to make a spectacle of yourself, make a big one!! Go big or go home!!


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  1. Julie Golinghorst

    This is the best spouse event I’ve ever heard of!!!!

    • wabisabisole

      Thanks for reading!! Yes, perhaps they would be better attended if the events were always this fun!

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