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Matane Monday

Monday was our final day together in Japan. Nina, Noah, and I went for a jog on the treadmills because it was still raining! The kids really wanted to run with me and the treadmill was the best option. They did a great job and we worked up an appetite for ramen! We decided to visit Fukuman, the ramen restaurant near our house. The table available was Japanese style. It was another fun cultural experience. We took off our shoes and sat on the tatami mat. 

After much hesitation and coaxing, Noah finally agreed to try ramen. It wasn’t a surprise to anyone that he liked it!! 

Nina and I were both happy with our ramen choices! 

After lunch, we loaded up the Hooptie and headed towards Yokohama on the train. One final train ride to Yokohama- together. I’m going to miss this fun loving crew! 

While we waited at the station for the Narita Express to arrive, we finally found a food vendi! Layla had been searching all week! 

One last selfie! Coffee time! 

Layla and the kids loaded up on the Narita Express. I talked them through where to go and what might present a problem. They made it just fine! I knew they could do it! 

They were checked in and ready to head home! Safe travels! 

I had a wonderful time while Layla, Nina, and Noah were visiting. It was fun to share Japan with them. I enjoyed taking them to several of my favorite places and discovering new favorites. Although I did play the role of official tour guide for Julia’s Tour, their “I’m a tourist attitude” was refreshing for me. They greeted each day with a positive attitude and excited about the adventure awaiting them. They truly embraced their journey. I’m going to take their attitudes as a reminder to find joy in my journey. Thank you, friends. Thank you for visiting, for the hugs, and for the week of happy memories we created. 

Ja Matane – I’ll see you! 


Yokosuka on Sunday


Nikko Samurai Festival


  1. Sara

    They were really great tourists! And you are the best guide, ever!

    • wabisabisole

      They really made the most of their week. And thank you! Julia Tours are fully customizable!!

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