Today, the Mikoshi Parade in Yokosuka celebrated its 40th year. What exactly is the Mikoshi Parade? Well, it’s many things. It’s an excuse to wear a “Happi coat” or the summer style yukata (think short bathrobe) with no pants!?! Yep. 

The mikoshi is a portable temple or shrine carried by dozens of people who practice the Shinto religion. To them, the shrine actually contains a God who will bring happiness, good fortune or wealth to those near by. The average mikoshi weighs over a ton. Stressing the need for unity and teamwork to carry it through the length of the parade. 

The parade is a celebration and the atmosphere was so much fun. I took so many pictures and videos. I hope it captures the celebration. 

Watching the parade was so entertaining. It was nothing like anything we had ever observed. The celebration was apparent and so was the humor. 

More pictures to capture the event. 

Going back to the no pants – this guy was hilarious. 

I could post for days about the parade. Instead, I’ll share a couple more videos and photos. I apologize if you hear me giggling in the videos… 

The parade was a highlight after an eventful morning. I fell, again, on our run this morning. 1 mile into a 9 mile run. Not cool. My hands & knee were a bloody mess. Dave was the hero and walked me home. We wrapped my bloody hand in my tank top on the way home because it was gory. I’m sure I offended several locals during my wardrobe change. Grrr. I was so frustrated. Fortunately, no ER visit this time. I’ll lace up my Brooks tomorrow and burn up… the treadmill. Just let a girl run already!!