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Nighttime Sapporo Snow Festival

After getting checked into our hotel and changing into our warm clothes, we headed out to the actual Sapporo Snow Festival to see the snow sculptures. Some of the sculptures were HUGE! I took one picture without people and a second one with people to give you a perspective of their massive size.

A selfie for good measure.

I took a couple pictures of the back. Again, for perspective. These sculptures are incredible and massive. The second one I took looking across the street. It shows cars, people, and the back of the sculpture.

This sculpture was sponsored by the Pacific Music Festival.

Our timing was perfect as we approached this sculpture of a building. We had a chance to watch the a live performance.


Again, I could not get over the size of the sculptures. They were massive. I loved watching the lights change colors.

The ice shrine sculpture was my favorite.


I took several more pictures to show the details.

The Cup Noodle sculpture deserved an honorable mention.

After the professional massive super snow sculptures, there were a plethora of sculptures from other countries.

The next group of sculptures appeared to be created by local groups. There were so many. I couldn’t possibly share them all with you. So, I’ll share a few of our favorites.

I knew this would be an impressive event. For my VB friends who are familiar with the Neptune Festival, I was expecting to see sculptures similar to the sand sculptures. The ones created by local artists were similar in size to the sand sculptures. The ones created by the professionals were beyond anything I could have imagined. They are larger than life size! We spent the evening walking around and the viewing the sculptures. We were bundled up and had strategically placed heat pads in our pockets and boots. I found the hot sake also helped to beat the cold!

We had fun people watching and snacking on festival food. Just when you think you have seen it all with respect to how the Japanese spoil their puppies, you see a dog on a sled!

Thanks for reading! I’ll have daytime Snow Festival pictures for you tomorrow.


Susukino Ice World




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    WOW! Those are spectacular.

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    Totally amazing!

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