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Nikko Samurai Festival

On Tuesday, Katie and I took the ITT trip to Nikko. Nikko has been on my list of places to visit – especially, in the fall. Plus, with this trip, we would be able to attend the samurai festival! Here was our route from Yokosuka. It took us about 3.5 hours to get there because the bus has to stop every two hours to switch drivers. Safety is paramount. 

The festival is held at the Toshogu Shrine. The Shrine was huge and beautiful. The rain finally stopped around 9:00 am on Tuesday. We were beyond excited to see and feel the sunshine! As you approach the Shrine grounds, you are greeted by a five- story pagoda and large Torii. 

I know these trees are not Giants, but after not seeing any big trees for a while, I was pretty excited! Yay! Big Japan Trees! 

There were many levels to the Shrine grounds and approximately 207 to reach the top! The walk along the way was beautiful. 

At the top, we started to see the sun coming out. The mist on the trees was breathtaking. 

At the top was also a large Torii. I posed for a tourist picture! 

The rain made everything seem extra lush. We enjoyed seeing hints of fall as the leaves were beginning to change. 

Once we returned to the main grounds of the Shrine, we saw the costume parade members lining up. 

Without kids to throw into the picture, I had to be brave and ask for my picture. I asked three different Samurai. You can tell how they felt by their expressions. Priceless! 

This one really makes me giggle! 

Katie and I worked our way out of the Shrine in order to secure our spot for the parade. I think the word “parade” should be used lightly. I would call this more of a processional. It was very serious and narrated (in English and Japanese). The slower pace made picture taking easier! The attire is very traditional as well as the order. 

There 100 Samurai Warriors in the parade. 

Children hoping to be Samurai followed the Samurai. 

The Mikoshi the men are carrying is a Shrine holding the spirit of the last Samurai. 

The final member of the parade was the head Samurai. 

The parade was unique cultural experience. We continued our experience of the cultural with a giant bowl of warm soba for lunch! 

I’ll save the afternoon adventures for my next post… 


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  1. Sara

    Oh, the trees! I loved the pics. And what the heck was on those kids’ heads? 🙂

    • wabisabisole

      The trees were great!! I’m not really sure. Let’s go with arrows. 😉

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