As of Friday, 2:30 pm local time, all boxes were out of the house. Whew. 

Navy housing here is managed by locals. The benefit of not having Hunt Housing as a management company means fast responses to service request and bulk item pickup. The Japanese take pride in their work and tidiness is paramount.  When we took possession of the house, we were told our bulk items would be picked up on Saturday. I called Thursday to report I would need cardboard picked up and they picked up the boxes about 3 hours later. I can just imagine how they cringed with the thought of leaving the boxes for two days. I called again on Friday at 1:30 pm and requested another pick up. “More cardboard?” Yes. I actually felt badly to have more cardboard. My pick up was scheduled between 3 – 4 pm. Realizing about a dozen boxes remained and I would have to call again, I jumped into action. I cracked open the remaining boxes and piled them on top of the rest. 

It is now I realize I should have taken a picture of my cardboard mountain. Sorry. Invision a huge pile of flat cardboard boxes. 

More importantly, as I type, Dave and I are sitting on a bus on our way to Mt Fuji. It is 2:30am on Saturday – local time. We should be hiking by 5:30am. It is a 10 mile round trip hike. Here is a picture of our itinerary. 

Hiking Mt Fuji was in my list to do before we even arrived. The mountain is open to hiking July – early September. The logistics were a little tricky to sign up and thanks to the help of my newest friend, we are on our way. 

To say I am excited is an understatement. My next post will have complete details. In the meantime, a little information about the mountain and our route. 

PS. 3,776 meters converts to 12,389 ft.