I let the jars ferment in phase two for four days. I wanted to achieve maximum fruit flavor and carbonation. I heeded caution and “burped” the jars every 24-hours to prevent them from exploding from the build up of carbonation. Nonetheless, check out the bubbles that formed in the strawberry pulp.

Yet again, I was intimidated by the process and products. I wasn’t quite sure what to think about these bubbles.

I knew I needed to strain the kombucha before it was ready for tasting. As I strained the kombucha, I found the byproduct of the fermented strawberry pulp intimidating. The strawberry pulp formed a gelatinous film.

The gelatinous film was an unnecessary byproduct I sent happily down the garbage disposal. After straining each jar twice, I allowed them to chill in the fridge. This game me time to build courage for my first tasting. I opted for a shot glass taste – which, I sipped.

It wasn’t terrible. But, it wasn’t delicious either. It was tolerable. In a way, it reminded me of a tart strawberry wine I might buy in Tennessee with a slight fizz. I think I need more experimentation with phase two fermentation. I’m definitely not ready for mass production. Honestly, this is barely ready for consumption. I’ll drink this over the next few days and see if I feel an amazing improvement in my intestinal health. Meanwhile, I’ll do some research in hopes of making the next phase two more successful.

PS. Dave did try it as well. His response was “it’s not THAT bad.” Ha!