Our first stop on Friday night date night was at a little restaurant behind the train station where Dave and I usually meet in Yokosuka. It is a tapas style restaurant with little portions of everything except the beer! 

Happiness is an English menu

Seriously. Huge. Beers

We ordered a couple tapas to kick off our night and help us finish our beers. 

Smoke cheese – yummy

Cabbage salad – yummy

After our appetizers, we wandered around Yokosuka a bit more. I was ready for one of my new favorites. Coconut chicken curry and naan. So, amazing. 

Check out the size of this naan! To the credit of our waiter, I asked for BIG naan and small curry. The guy Dave relieved, Ed,  took us to this Indian restaurant, Delicious. We have tried a couple others. Delicious remains my favorite. 

Big naan – small coconut chicken curry

The waiter makes it extra fun with his “thank you, thank you very much!” With each customer. With everything so little in Japan, it is fun to find an oversized beer, naan and appreciation! “Thank you, thank you very much” for reading and exploring along with us!