I went to the Homes store today and picked up a few more plants to decorate the back yard and fill my herb pot. They had Sakura Geraniums for sale! Sakura Sakura for everyone! 

They are so pretty and a highlight to the double fence issue in the backyard. 

I put a total of five planters along the back fence. Three with Geraniums and two with this interesting plant. Not really sure what it is other than pretty and pink. 

My last project was the herb pot. Filled with herb happiness. 

I absolutely love coming home to the front porch of our cell block. It’s so homey and inviting. I can’t wait for you to see it in person when you visit. 

I want to tell you one more thing I finally did today and it is on a completely different topic. My Japanese grandmothers have a cute way to communicate a change of subject. They say, “thank you for sharing. Ok. Subject change.”

I finally figured out how to put my name on my PASMO card. I first noticed this was an option when I saw Dina’s card. I tried once before and couldn’t figure it out. Almost 8 months into this adventure and two attempts, my card is named! I must give James credit. We had to put his name on his card because he qualified for a youth fare PASMO and through that experience I had a clue. Today, on my way to meet Dave and his former CMC from SWOSU for dinner, I charged my card and put my name on it in less than a minute. Boom! Small accomplishments make me feel amazing. Now let’s hope I get on the correct trains to get me to Yokosuka on time…