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Sole Adventures – The LSD 17 Mile March

I didn’t march on Saturday – my Sunday. I’m so grateful for my family and friends who did march throughout the United States. Washington, New York, Asheville, and Chicago. Each woman I spoke with about their reason for marching was different and yet the same. They were marching for their sister and for our country. I have never been more proud to know so many strong women. Women who are willing to travel miles to support important causes – women’s rights, education equality, climate, human equality, and above all – hope. Hope that the forward progress America has experienced is what makes it great.

Unfortunately, no. I didn’t march. I found out about a march in Tokyo after it happened. Instead, I ran 17 miles step-by-step Sunday morning with my husband. A man who supports me and respects me. A man who encourages me to be strong and outspoken. A man who is more than “ok” to be married to a confident, successful and independent woman. A man who is the first to say, “Team Dwyer for the win” at every achievement or milestone in our life.

As we train for the Tokyo Marathon, I’m running every step with my supporting husband and for my sisters around the world. Together and united we are strong and our voice will be heard. I heard you half way around the world today. Again, I couldn’t be more proud of you all.

This is us, 7.5 miles into our run on a chilly cold morning, supporting each other to run long… yes, I’m trying to smile. Mt. Fuji is in between us.

Our morning wasn’t completely clear, but we could still see Mt. Fuji beyond the haze. The small island in the front is Enoshima Island. The white dot on the island is the Sea Candle.

I also snapped a couple pictures of my favorite view on our long runs.

Living in Japan for the past 6 months has given me a new perspective. I have a much better understanding of what feels like to be different. I don’t blend in – I stick out. With that being said, from the start, the Japanese have accepted my difference. Sure, they might stare a little longer or not sit next to me on the train, but, eventually, they smile and someone will sit down. On several occasions, they have offered to help me understand the train schedule or menu item. The Japanese are kind, polite and helpful. I continue to strive to be all of these things. Every day.

I will leave you with a quote that speaks to me about why America has always been great.

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me: I lift my lamp beside the golden door.”

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  1. Susan (Mom)

    The Women’s March was an awesome experience and I feel very fortunate to live close to DC, thus permitting me the opportunity to participate. The speakers were inspiring and challenged all of us to remain committed to making a difference. One suggestion was from Michael Moore to speak out in opposition to the nomination of Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education. To easily complete this task, all you need to do is to call: 202-224-3121. This puts you in contact with the Congressional switchboard. You enter your zipcode, then you press 1 to place a call to your Senator or 2 to place a call for your Representative. You still have time. Her confirmation has been postponed until January 31st. Betsy DeVos has made a dreadful impact on the public schools in Michigan. She is not a champion for public schools. Please share the phone number with all interested parties.

    Thank you for considering this request!

    Best wishes to supporting a true change. For world-wide supporters to peacefully assemble is record-setting. Saturday was a beautiful day!

    • wabisabisole

      Thank you for reading and for sharing the information. I enjoyed hearing all about your experience with the March. I am so proud of you and all those coming together to make our voices heard. Love you! Xoxo

  2. Sara

    Thank you Julia for the post, and Susan for the info. Consider it done. 🙂

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