For several duty stations, I developed a habit of baking for Dave’s command on Wednesdays for him to take to work on Thursday mornings. I think it started in Memphis because I wanted one brownie. Not a whole tray. I baked the tray of brownies and cut out one of the center ones and sent the rest of the tray to Dave’s work. The rest is history. I crave a sweet, bake it, and send the rest to Dave’s office. My favorite cookie to make is salted caramel chocolate chip cookies. They are delicious and a crowd pleaser. 

Living in Japan has enabled me to step up the presentation of sweet treats for command MWR fundraisers. 

I wrapped two cookies in each bag. I simply printed the cute labels. Kawaii! 

For ¥100, I was able to purchase 6 bags. The closest ¥100 store is one train stop away in the Shinzushi train station. Yes, I don’t even have to leave the train station to shop! It’s not the amazing four-story Daiso near Yokohama but, it had the perfect little baggies for tomorrow’s sweet treats. Kawaii bags are part of my list of things I love about Japan!