The best way I could think to celebrate the end of my Tuesday night class was to head to the beach! I drove Dina and Katie to Jogashima Island. Sonia and I went to Jogashima Island a few weeks ago. When I was telling Katie about our experience, I realized that Sonia and I didn’t actually explore Jogashima Park. Looking at the photo I took of Goggle Maps, we explored Joga Island, not Jogashima Park, the area in green.

It took us about 45 minutes to drive down to the island from Ikego. Parking was very easy because it was a week day. We parked and then set off to explore! The park had nicely paved trails with steps and lined with hydrangeas. They are only starting to bloom. If I have time, I’ll need to return next month!

Beyond the trail, we found the lighthouse, waves, and tide pools. It was beautiful. The lighthouse was very futuristic looking.

I could have watched this wave pool for hours.

Here is a video. I was mesmerized.

The view of the tide pool to the left.

Dina took us over to a small little tide pool she found. There were so many hermit crabs who appeared to be working so hard!

We continued to walk along the coast. Enjoying the sea breeze and brine smell in the air.

We then walked over to where Sonia and I discovered the rock bridge. Just as lovely as it was in April.

And many more tide pools.

It was fun to share a beautiful and remote place with my local friends. I hope we have time to take the journey when you visit. Going to Jogashima Island is a nice counter balance to the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. And you know what they say, on a clear day, you can see Mt. Fuji.