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Two things

I just have two things to say…

1. I’ve mentioned Sushiro before as one of our favorite Sushi restaurants. Surprisingly, the fried chicken is very delicious and always part of our order. 

They are just missing one thing to make them amazing. Chick-fil-A sauce. So, maybe, my friends, if you happen by a Chick-fil-A and ask for and can then spare an extra sauce, we would be appreciative. I will have no shame taking Chick-fil-A sauce with me to Sushiro and dipping away! And I promise to return the favor with much gratitude and Japanese happiness. 

2. The other thing – spring break has started with the DODEA (Department of Defense Education Activity) – the Navy schools on base. It only seems appropriate that I enjoy the festivities. I have planned an amazing stay-cation in Japan. The days include: Sakura blooms, a Sake brewery, Tokyo Disney, and Mt. Fuji Safari. I recruited friends to join me because, Dave has to work and will in fact be on travel. 

So, stay tuned to my stay-cation Japan adventures! Kanpie! 




Sake, Soba, Sakura


  1. Sara

    Oh just you wait!!! Bok bok!!

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