How do you get a science teacher to an art museum? Tell her there is a science exhibit, of course! 

Currently, at the Yokohama Museum of Art there is an exhibit by Triennale featuring many different aspects of science. I needed to check it out! 

The theme of the exhibit were connectivity and isolation. Forty different artists were selected to participate. They created exhibits based upon the theme from their perspective. 

The entire museum was transformed into a fusion of art and science. I was given an English brochure to follow as I walked around. Also, many of the exhibits were labeled in English. There were so many exhibits within the exhibit. I focused on a few that I enjoyed the most to share with you. 

This huge structure was at the entrance. I felt as though the quote was referring to my hair! 

The first exhibit featured different islands made from a variety of mediums. The island of Australia is made from shells and plastic. 

This island made from pink and green sea urchins was called “Color Blind Island.” The pattern is similar to the cards used to measure color blindness. 

Accompanying the larger islands were small models. 

The different sea shells used in the exhibits created a very unique representation of the artist’s ideas. 

The next exhibit was Anime. Because Japan! 

The Family Mart screen painting made me laugh! 

The beads in this necklace are made from fossils! There are 170 varieties of fossils. They come from all over the world and are arranged chronologically according to evolutionary history. 

The next exhibit made me chuckle. It is an exhibit by Rob Pruitt. It displays several of his eBay items currently up for auction. You can visit his eBay store “Rob Pruitt’s Flea Market.” There you can bid on these items and many others! 

This next exhibit reminded me of a child’s room with blocks all over the floor. Fortunately, no one injured their feet because the rug was part of the exhibit and not to be stepped on. 

This one was another of my favorites. The artist tracked the currents of the Mediterranean Sea. Interesting art indeed! 

If looking at current patterns didn’t m excite you, wait until you turned the corner! Kawaii! Life size polar bear statues covered in feathers!! I was ready to take a nap with the pink one! 

 The exhibit was great. I enjoyed wandering around and spending a couple hours thinking about the connection between art and science. And trying to figure out where I would put the polar bear in my house!!