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Yokohama Tourist

Wednesday we headed to Yokohama. Our destination was the Cup Noodles Museum. On our walk to the museum, we were sidetracked by the rides at Cosmo World. Cosmo World is an amusement park in the Minato Mirai area of Yokohama. Our first stop in Cosmo World was a spin on the Cosmo Clock 21 – aka the giant Ferris wheel. 

On the ride, we had a great view of the surrounding city. The large red brick building behind the roller coaster is the Cup Noodles Museum. 

The tall rectangular building is the Landmark Tower. 

Port of Yokohama. 

A few pictures of the park and the roller coaster Vanish! 

After our ride on the Cosmo Clock 21, James and Delaney rode Vanish! Vanish! is a disappearing roller coaster. 


JJ was able to capture a great picture of the kids on the roller coaster. They are sitting in the front car. 

After our visit in Cosmo World, we continued to our original destination, the Cup Noodles Museum. 

We enjoyed having the opportunity to decorate the cup and select our own cup noodles flavor. 

Selecting the flavors! 

After we made our cup noodles, we visited the museum. The museum cracks me up. The Japanese are so proud of Momofuku Ando for inventing chicken ramen – the first Cup Noodles flavor. So proud, in fact, when viewing the museum you are given the impression he did something more monumental than just making a cup full of noodles! 

It was another fun day full of walking and exploring. There is still so much to do!! I can’t believe the Cummings are leaving tomorrow! It has been a blast playing their tour guide and experiencing Japan together! 


Trick Art Cruise


Jā Matane 


  1. Susan Cummings

    Well done Julia! We enjoyed following the past few days.

    Susan and Jim

    • wabisabisole

      Thank you for following and for the kind words. We had a lot of fun. Just wish they could have stayed longer!!

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