This morning I decided to take a different route on my run. The route I took was one Dave and I ran a lot last year when we were training for Tokyo Marathon. It made for a little longer and little hillier run than our normal run to Zushi Beach. I knew the Sakura lined streets would be worth the extra efforts. I didn’t have to go too far to start seeing Sakura trees. They are literally everywhere.

This temple and bridge are on our normal route. I wish you could smell the incense from the temple. Add the sunrise and I found my Zen.

Shortly after I took these pictures, I turned left away from the beach and ran uphill towards Hayama. I went about another mile before turning up an even bigger hill. The view from the top was obstructed by Sakura. Not a bad reason for no view!

I decided to walk down the hill. The sidewalks were brick and very uneven from the Sakura roots. I didn’t want to trip. Plus, I wanted to savor this view.

I took a quick stop at the park to take a few close up pictures of the Sakura and a sunrise Sakura selfie.

I continued down the hill and was completely amazed with the beautiful trees. This street is less than 1.5 miles from the main gate where we live and there was no one around other than cars passing on their way to work. It was such a contrast to my day yesterday. I was happy I decided change my route so I could appreciate their beauty in the early morning.

I continued past the park near our house and took a few close up pictures.

Finally, I made it back home. I crossed the set of railroad tracks near our house and chuckled. Right by our housing complex is a river with Sakura planted along it. It’s like Meguro River, only much smaller and not crowded!

After four days of Sakura chasing, I can completely understand the obsession. I feel like I have a little Sakura crush of my own.