I started out my day helping Dave get to the airport for a quick and unexpected trip to Sasebo. Since I was already on the way to Tokyo, I decided to visit a couple spots known for Sakura blossoms. The first place I went was Ueno Park. Of the various articles I read about where to view Sakura, Ueno Park was always listed in the top five. I should have anticipated the crowds based on the volume of train passengers. Honestly, I never imagined there would be so many people! This was the crowd just to leave the train station.

It wasn’t hard to find the Sakura with a large crowd to follow. The good thing was there was a large area to walk. The walk could accommodate the large crowd.

I walked down the main strip and couldn’t get over how many people where there to see the Sakura. I also couldn’t believe how many foreigners were visiting. I realize I am also a foreigner, but I’m not accustomed to seeing too many others. I was overwhelmed with all the English conversations! However, I’m pretty sure those here to Hanami were locals. Check out their spreads.

Within 45 minutes of my arrival, I was ready to find a Sakura spot off the beaten path. The crowd at Ueno Park was just too much for me. My next stop of the day was at one of my favorite Tokyo gardens, Koishikawa Kōrakuen. This garden is on my wabi-sabi list and continues to appear on “best of Tokyo” list. I’ve visited this park in the summer and fall and during both seasons, the park was beautiful. I was looking forward to seeing the Park blossoming in the spring. I wasn’t disappointed. The Sakura was beautiful and the quiet park serene. It was just what I needed to restore my zen after the crowds at Ueno. As I wandered the path, I had fun taking pictures of this Sakura tree from different angles.

There were definitely more people at the garden compared to my last visit. Nonetheless, I was able to capture pictures of nature’s beauty and solitude.

I took a panoramic photo from the top of the hill. What the Sakura perhaps lacked in numbers, they made up for in beauty.

I continued walking through the garden. The light gave me a faint shadow at the moon bridge.

The path winds around the pond. It provides a peaceful and meditative walk.

Eventually, I made my way back to the entrance of the park. Here I could view the Sakura up close.

I think today Team Blush was the winner.

The one Team Pink tree wasn’t quite in full bloom.

I’ll be honest, the beautiful weather this Sakura season makes me feel like I won the lottery. It truly is a gorgeous time of year.