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Dave has been planning a surprise trip for my birthday. He has given me a variety of (non helpful) clues.

1. Bring your passport

2. Not in Japan

3. Pack for a beach vacation

4. Some place neither of us have been

It wasn’t until we arrived at the airport to check in that I finally knew where we are going. Fiji!!!

I’m beyond excited!! I had to Google Map the location! I’m such a science nerd I’m so excited to finally cross the equator. Off we go for a week. I’ll be sure to share pictures and stories of our adventures when we return.

Thanks for reading!! Dave told me to practice saying “Bula Bula” for just about everything.

Bula Bula


Illumination Festival


Fiji 🇫🇯 Vacation


  1. Roxanne

    Wow, what an excellent birthday surprise! Enjoy your week, happiest of birthdays!
    Roxanne and Mark 😘

  2. Dan Dwyer

    Nice! Enjoy your birthday!

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