Wabi-Sabi Sole

Finding Beauty with Imperfection

April Showers 

It has been raining off and on since Friday. Along with this rain came humidity. We went from having dry cool air on Tuesday to having muggy wetness on Friday. Friday morning I plugged in our dehumidifiers in an attempt to keep ahead of the mold and moisture.

As the temperatures are starting to warm up, the Sakura trees are at peak bloom. Unfortunately, the rain damped the effect of the beautiful trees. I took a few pictures of the Sakura throughout Zushi on our rainy run this morning.

Dave and I were planning to have Sakura pictures taken in the peony garden of the Hachiman Gu Shrine in Kamakura on Saturday. The rain cancelled those plans. On Sunday, we decided to venture to Kamakura to see the blossoms in the peony garden despite the rain. First, a few pictures from our walk up to the shrine.

In the garden, the trees were stunning and the peonies were a delightful surprise. They were ginormous and they were protected by parasols to keep them intact during the heavy rains.

And now the Sakura trees. Can you imagine how beautiful this would look on a sunny day?

Dave and I decided to have our own photo shoot. Just us being us.

The Sakura blossoms won’t last until next weekend for us to have pictures and so we are working on plan B. Reflecting on the day, I realize it epitomizes wabi-sabi sole. We found beauty despite the imperfect weather conditions. We even completed a long run in the rain not because we were training for anything, just because we wanted to run.

Ahhhhhh… wabi-sabi sole…




Sakura Chasing


  1. sara

    Even though we missed the blooms, it’s fun to see the pics of familiar spots now that the trees have flowers on them. I love the peony parasols! Sorry about the humidity. 🙁

    • wabisabisole

      Thanks for reading! I was hoping you would recognize where we went! Yay! Fun memories. The peony parasols are super cute!!

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