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Lisa and Dave

Our friends, Lisa and Dave, arrived late Friday night from Chicago. We decided to start with a low key day to help them walk off their jet lag. We spent Saturday in Kamakura – shopping and visiting the Hachiman-gu Shrine. First things first, we stopped at Barchie’s for lunch.

It was a beautiful afternoon. The weather is finally starting to feel like Autumn. It was a lovely day for a “white wedding.” We saw this wedding party as we walked toward Hachiman-gu Shrine.

I gave Lisa and Dave a quick tutorial on the appropriate way to cleanse before visiting a Shrine or Temple.

Can you spot the Americans?

View from the top of the Shrine.

After visiting the Shrine, I bought a bag of Ginko nuts for us to share. They have a very peculiar taste and texture. They are served warmed and salted. Then the shell of the nuts is cracked. The inside nut is actually chewy. They require a little getting used to, but I think delicious in the end.

We stopped for a few photos at the entrance of the Shrine.

We had fun catching up and sharing one of our favorite places in Japan. The sunny afternoon, walk, and good night sleep was hopefully enough to reset their circadian rhythm. We have big plans for the rest of their visit! Adventures await!

Gingko Goodness

Happy Halloween! 

I went leaf chasing today. I am so ready for fall weather and changing leaves. I think I might have a head start, but I just couldn’t help myself. I set out for a cute tucked away street in the middle of Tokyo. It is famous for the many Gingko Trees lining the street. 

The Gingko Trees are slowly starting to change to the beautiful yellow. Each side of the street has a large sidewalk with benches. 

I enjoyed my onigiri lunch on this bench. It was peaceful and serene. 

Walking through the trees had its own meditative powers. I think I walked up and down each side twice! It was so relaxing and peaceful. 

One last thought about the experience of living in Japan on “American” holidays like Halloween. There are some decorations at shops and restaurants. And many decorated homes on base. Trick or Treating only occurs on base, not out in town. Japan doesn’t give off quite the same “Halloween” vibe I’m accustomed to experiencing in the U.S. As I was getting dressed this morning, I gave a second thought about wearing my favorite Halloween scarf. I thought I might stand out too much. Then I remembered, I live in Japan! Standing out is what I do best. So, I wore my cute scarf. It makes me happy and so did the nice lady who offered to take my picture with the Gingko Trees. 

As I was leaving the Gingko Tree Street, I passed this guy. I realized my scarf was nothing compared his ensemble!! Haha! I guess a little Halloween spirit lives in us all. 

Happy Halloween!

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