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I Thought You Would Get a Kick Out of This

I was asked to be the substitute teacher at an English class in Zushi. It is about a 15-minute drive from my house. It is a little bit more of a hectic drive than normal because I have to drive behind Zushi train station. In this area, there are a lot of pedestrians and bicyclists on their way to the station to catch their train. So many people combined with the narrow road sometimes makes me feel like I’m driving on a sidewalk! Also, on this route, I have to cross three different sets of train tracks. Often the traffic is blocked at these crossings making the drive take a little longer.

The class is two hours long. The structure of the class includes each person discussing an incident from the past week for ten minutes. After each person has talked, I read a story selected by the teacher. The story is loaded with a variety of idioms. I explain the idioms and then ask questions to check for their understanding of the story and idioms. One of the idioms from the story today was “to get a kick out of something.” One of my questions to each student was to tell me a time they got a kick out of something. Each shared with me an antidotal story, which were very entertaining.

The road leading up to her neighborhood was lined with beautiful Sakura. 

I thought you might get a kick out of a short video I took driving up the street. You can really hear the Hooptie engine revving as I climbed the hill! I know the video takes a little longer to load. I hope you are able to view it nonetheless. I think you will get a kick out of the Sakura tree blossom tunnel as well as me driving on the left side of the road! Please enjoy.

I Japaned Like a Local Today

Dave and I both had to work this morning. He had legitimate work to do for the U.S. Navy and I had a conversational English (EngRish) lesson. Haha.

After my EngRish lesson, I drove to base to pick up Dave and we made a quick stop at the Commissary and Exchange. By the time we were finished with our errands it was 12:30 and we were ready for lunch.

One thing we can always agree upon to eat is Sushi. The tricky part was where and how do we get there. Sushiro (conveyor belt Sushi) is my favorite.

However, it is not convenient by train to our house. It involves a 15-20 minute walk. Here’s the dilemma. The drive home would take 23 minutes and then to catch the train and walk to the restaurant would take 25 minutes. That’s about an hour and we were already hungry. The better solution, drive to Sushiro (21 minutes). Yep, that’s right. Drive where we haven’t driven before! Fortunately, Dina and I went last week and so I kind of knew my way. Here was our Google Maps route.

We made it to lunch and home without issue or incident. Our route home.

Simultaneously, we didn’t eat other people’s Sushi orders!

I consider today a huge success at Japaning. I taught English, drove around in the Hoopty, and followed the etiquette rules for eating sushi at Sushiro.

The only bad part was that I couldn’t have a beer with my Sushi because I was driving!

Six Months

I can’t believe it. February 1st marks our 6th month of living in Japan. I can’t tell if it feels like I’ve lived here for 6 days, 6 months, or 6 years. We have experienced many highs and lows, the good and bad, the beautiful and ugly. We have climbed and I have fallen. Haha 

I’m sure your thinking we must have enjoyed a huge celebration. Maybe? A “milestone” anyways. I bought new shoes. For the Hooptie. That’s right. New tires for our sweet ride. 

My girl appreciates a nice pair of shoes. $316 for tires and labor. Girlfriend only cost us $300. Pretty funny. Check out these sweet pieces of rubber. Nice tread. 

On a serious note, we miss you all. Everyday. 

We have enjoyed the opportunities we have had over the past six months and realize they come with sacrifices. Being away is obviously the biggest. 

You are always in our thoughts and heart. We love hearing from you and cherish your messages and phone calls. 

We love you all. To six months! Kanpie! 

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