Where do I even begin with telling you about the incredible trip Dave planned for us? Perhaps, I’ll start from the beginning. Dave planned everything about this trip. From the flights, hotels, and everything in between. He said he received an email about Fiji Airways offering nonstop flights from Narita to Nadi, Fiji. He picked an adult only resort located on an island relatively close to the mainland.

At the airport he surprised me again when he said we needed to find the Pacific Island Air check in counter. He had arranged for us to fly to our resort! At the check in counter, we had to stand on the scale with all of our bags! Originally, he thought we were going by seaplane. We actually went by a private helicopter!!

The ten-minute flight was quick and beautiful. Our pilot was very friendly and gave us details about Malolo Lailai Island where our resort, The Lomani Island Resort, was located.

We were greeted at the airstrip by the hotel porter. He drove us to the resort in a golf cart. We were welcomed with more singing and coconut water.

We were escorted to our room. It was so romantic and spacious. We had a turn down service every night. Plus, an outdoor shower!

We decided to walk around the beach and resort before enjoying lunch.

After lunch, we walked the beach some more and I took a nap!

When I woke up from my nap, I had to pinch myself. I couldn’t believe we were in Fiji! I took a screenshot of our blue dot on our tiny island.

The weather was perfect. 80s during the day with no humidity. The breeze would pick up in the afternoon. At dinner each night I actually needed a sweater! It was perfect.

The food at the resort was delicious. Breakfast was included with the stay. We would enjoy a big breakfast and then a delightful (seafood) dinner. And sometimes dessert!

After breakfast on the next day (Sunday), we enjoyed a massage. Talk about relaxing. From there, we had more beach walks and lounging. Followed by a beautiful sunset and another yummy seafood dinner.

Monday morning we woke up to clouds. As we were heading to breakfast, we were greeted by a beautiful double rainbow.

After breakfast, we went out on the snorkel trip. The water was so blue, clear, and cold!! It was some of the best snorkeling I’ve ever experienced. The fish were everywhere and swimming all around us.

The snorkeling trip was a wonderful highlight on Monday. After we returned, there was more time on the beach before sunset and dinner.

Thanks for reading about our first three days. I’ll share the rest of our trip tomorrow. I love sharing the story and pictures with you. Helps me relive every minute of a once in a lifetime vacation!