After much anticipation, Sakura season has finally arrived in the Tokyo area. Simultaneously, so has beautiful spring weather. Today and the rest of this week, temperatures will reach the mid sixties. The 10-day forecast doesn’t show rain at all! Let the Sakura chasing begin!

To kick off Sakura season, Dave and I went to Gumyoji early Sunday afternoon to enjoy the beautiful Sakura trees along the river. I visited this area last year, but I didn’t remember exactly where to go. This was not an issue, we simply followed the crowd!

The trees are not fully bloomed. I would say they are about 70% at this point. By the end of this week, I think they will be in full bloom. Perfect for your visit, Jennifer!

The walk along the river was so relaxing.

As we walked along, we realized the lanterns had electricity. They must be illuminated at night. I will have to get back one evening this week to have a look. I imagine it would be beautiful.

A couple of the smaller trees were in full bloom. We stopped for photo opportunities.

Most of these Sakura are a very pale shade of pink. From a distance, they almost appear white. Up close, you can see the pale pink.

One tree was a brilliant shade of darker pink.

So, we discussed which was our favorite. Team Pink or Team Blush. Either way, my pink capris blend nicely. I might need to wear them all week!