Dave and I decided to set out for a hike on Sunday. It was such a glorious Autumn day. We decided to hike the Red Leaf Trail. 

We hiked parts of this last fall. Today, we had plenty of time and hiked about four miles of the trail. About half of the hike was new for us both. The day was so clear, we could see Yokohama in the distance. 

We were hoping to see a little more fall color. The forest was still pretty green. 

We passed through a spectacular Ginkgo grove. It was beautiful. So much yellow. 

The view from the top over Kamakura was worth the climb! 

We passed Kamakura Country Club as we hiked. The golf course also had quite the view. Check out the view at hole 4. 

I snapped a picture of the pompas grass. It’s so peaceful in the wind. 

We had such a fun day hiking our way around Kamakura. It’s hard to believe how close we were to the bustling city as we walked through the quiet woods. There were a lot of people out enjoying the day as well. We exchanged a lot of “Konnichiwas” as we hiked along. We passed this man and his dog shortly after exiting the trail. His dog is in his backpack!! 

We had such a great time today. Thanks for reading and I hope you have a Sunday Fun day as well!