Tokyo has every kind of town imaginable. Including of course, kitchen town or Kappabashi. My neighbor invited me to join her and a few other ladies for a field trip to the north side of Tokyo to explore Kappabashi. We took a very indirect route on the way there and it took almost 2 hours. Coming home was a lot smoother and only took about an hour and 15 minutes. Here is a screen shot from our route home. I learned a lot today. One thing, besides the blanket statement of the trains in Japan can be confusing if you don’t speak Japanese, is that there are many train lines going in many directions. At one point we were on the “Tokyo Subway”. That is why our route is in pink. Anyways, I figure the more I use the trains the more comfortable I will become.

Finally making it to Kappabashi. Of course, it’s raining. 

At the entrance of Kappabashi! Notice the huge chef & teacup balconies!

I must make a quick note about the rain in Japan. Because it rains so frequently, one must have an umbrella or be ready to buy one for ¥300 at the closest convenience store. Also, rain boots are a must. Before leaving Chicago, I spent way too much time laboring over the perfect rain boot. Boy, am I glad I did! You can’t even tell I’m wearing them! They are ankle high and fit easily under my jeans. I also bought a pair of higher ones which seem too make me hot! These are perfect. 

Back to Kappabashi. Kappabashi is a street filled with shops selling any and every kitchen gadget, accessory, appliance, etc. that you could possibly want or need. From plates, cups, bowls, chopsticks (in a variety of lengths) to chopstick rests, skillets, knives, big red lanterns, curtains for door coverings and saki sets.


Saki sets


Bowls & plates

More plates & Saki sets

The other thing I was schooled about today was the red lanterns. I just assumed the writing was the same on all of them. Silly, American. The kanji has a meaning! Duh! Dave requested a red lantern and honestly, I felt this was a decision we needed to make together. Should it say beer, open, tavern, welcome or maybe ramen. So many choices! I mean the Saki bottle is amazing!! 

Japanese knives are a big deal. This was again part of my research. I’m not making that decision without Dave. My neighbor, picked out her Christmas present. 

I almost forgot to mention the most bazaar and my most favorite accessory. Fake food. Yep, the fake food restaurants use as displays in their windows are available for sale!! 

Bento Boxes!

Looks good enough to eat!

¥13000 for the pie!

Sushi boat!

Can you see the big burger


At this point, I know you must be ready to know what I purchased. 

Cooking chopsticks, metal chopsticks, cat chopstick rests and wooden utensils with smiley faces. The cooking chopsticks were Dave’s request. 

Two cute small accessory bowls. 

This cute sign of the seven lucky Gods. I will tell you more about these Gods in a later post. 

And my guilty pleasure. Faux Ramen! It was silly expensive. I just couldn’t resist. It is just so KAWAII!! 

For my cooking loving friends, when you visit we will go to Kappabashi. Hopefully on the most direct train route possible!