Miurakaigan is located towards the southern end of the Miura peninsula (where we live). I went today with several spouses for my first true Sakura viewing. I was AMAZED! They are more beautiful than I ever imagined!

I took these pictures right outside the train station!

We had to walk about 10 minutes to the main road where the Sakura line the side of the road.

On one side is the train tracks and the other side is the street. Seeing the blue train zip past was picture perfect.

The red was pretty, too.

A few close up pictures.

I caught a bird in one!

After walking down the street, we were able to walk through a small park. Cute pink and white lanterns lined the path. Yay! Yellow train!

My friend, Karen, took this picture for me with my iPhone.

Karen is a professional photographer and took this picture with her fancy camera with a crazy swirly filter attached. Obviously, her camera provides better lighting! This is the second time Karen has lived in Japan and she has lived here a year already. She has promised to take me to all of the “good” Sakura, wisteria and hydrangea spots this spring. I’m super excited.

Besides Sakura in the park, there was also a small shrine and Japanese snacks!

After the park, we crossed a bridge over the train tracks. A few more pictures close up. Maybe just a few more…

The sad thing about the Sakura, they only last a couple weeks. The good thing, each species and location bloom during different times. I wasn’t joking when I said Sakura Blossoms were my new obsession!! If you want to see Sakura Blossoms this year, you will need to visit before the first week of April. Or next year, plan to visit between the last week in February and the first week of April. I can’t wait to explore with you!