One of my neighbors organized a group of five ladies to go exploring the Ofuna Botanical Gardens. The Gardens were a 32 minute train ride from our house. We caught the train at the station near our house and then transferred at ShinZushi to the JR line. Here was our Google map route. 

One area I feel as though I have progressed is, being able to navigate my way between the train stations in Zushi. This may not seem like a huge feat, but after several visits, I feel like a local switching stations. (I used to walk around looking at my phone like a tourist…)

Entrance to the garden was ¥640. Not too expensive. It was a lovely day for pictures and walking around the area. Interestingly, the main flowers in bloom were the roses. There were so many colors. I hope you enjoy all the pictures. This is one time I was truly promised a rose garden! 

The Gardens were not very crowded and we observed several Japanese school groups. Talk about adorable! This group wanted to talk with us. So cute with their “hello” and “how are you?”

All school aged children wear uniforms. These younger children are dressed in their “gym” uniform and hats! Different classes have different colored hats. 

The Gardens of course had Bonsai trees. 

The shrubs were meticulously maintained and I was able to capture a gardener grooming a shrub. 

Although we came to see the rose Gardens, I really enjoyed the greenhouses. 

And the Cosmos. 

My winning iPhone picture of the day. 

It was a lovely day and I will look forward to returning in different seasons to capture more local foliage.