When we arrived in Japan, July 31st, 2016, Dave’s sponsor, Ed, provided us with an amazing laundry basket full of essential items, candy, and snacks. I remember taking a picture of it and writing a blog about it. Unfortunately, that was one of my “lost blogs”. With respect to the care package, Ed told us to pay it forward for the next person. I also remember waking up at 2am that first night, starving, and diving headfirst into the laundry basket. Jet lag is no joke when you cross the international dateline! Keeping with the tradition and gratitude, Dave and I made a “welcome to Japan” laundry basket for his relief and his wife. It had multiple layers and a mixture of American and Japanese snacks and puppy snacks.

I have a feeling you will have many questions. Yes, Dave’s relief has arrived. Dave also has his orders. We will be leaving Japan in January 2019. We are heading to Naval Station Great Lakes where he will be the CO of TSC. Right now, we are in the stage where we are:

  • Making lists of everything we need to see and do in Japan before we leave.
  • Host a few more visitors! (My favorite!)
  • Eat as much sushi and ramen as possible.
  • Looking forward, we are eager to see our family and friends when we return in 2019. We love you and miss you so much every day. Kanpai! To moving and more importantly to reunions!