The leader of my Friday English class organized a field trip for us today. We went to visit Hasedera Temple to see the hydrangeas and enjoyed lunch at the Kamakura Park Hotel. 

This view! 

And these hydrangeas! 

The hydrangeas were still blooming and very beautiful. 

Two of my Friday students were able to attend today and we spent the morning walking around the temple and the town of Hase. Here is a picture of Junko-san and Haruko-san, both are star students! 

After visiting the temple, Junko-san drove us to the Kamakura Park Hotel. We enjoyed a four-course lunch! Our appetizers included: snow pea soup, slice of chicken with vegetables, tomato jelly with sashimi, and a half quiche. 

Next course was snapper with fresh Kamakura vegetables. The purple piece is Kamakura diakon. The purple is natural! 

The third course was Sakura chicken with more fresh Kamakura vegetables. The piece of pumpkin was my favorite. 

And finally dessert. Yogurt with cherry topping, pound cake with whipped cream and honey dew sorbet. All of it was delicious! 

Before leaving the hotel, I asked to have my picture with Junko-san and Haruko-san. They are so sweet. I enjoyed being able to spend quality time together visiting the temple and viewing the hydrangeas. The added bonus was them teaching me new Japanese phrases. 

Today’s Japanese phrases:

“Urikire” – sold out 

“Sandaru” – sandal

“Karasu” – crow 

“Oishī” – delicious 

Ever so slowly, my Japanese is improving. I must stress slowly.