We are fortunate to have another friend visiting for a few days. Bill, is here on a work trip, but we rolled out the Japanese-sized red carpet for him none the less. I just wished I would have thought of this before the Cummings Clan came to visit!

We went to dinner at one of our favorite spots in Zushi, Blue Moon. We enjoyed the “octopus balls” appetizer.

Both Dave and Bill ordered the Pho.

I ordered the fried chicken to share. But there is one thing I wouldn’t share… my Chick-fil-A sauce!! Say, what!?!

Yes, my shout out for Chick-fil-A sauce worked much better than I anticipated. Bill showed up with two bags full of sauce!

On Saturday, I received a box in the mail from my friend, Sara. She sent individual packages as well as 10 huge tubs! JJ, Delaney, and James all helped to collect the sauce. Thank you so much! I will put a special Japanese surprise in the mail to you. I promise not to include sea urchin pretzels! Haha! Only nine of the tubs are pictured, I sent one to work with Dave this morning!

I am so grateful for the love from friends. I also enjoy hearing the tails of your adventures as you attempt to gather the sauce for me. Thank you so much for going out of your way to make me smile! It means so much!

One last thing, I must share with you the importance of not feeling intimidated with using chopsticks when you visit. Follow Bill’s advice and just stick it!