Our regular running routes takes us past a beautiful rose garden. It is the garden of a private residence. When Dave and I run past around 5:15am, the owner is out tending his roses. When Dina and I run past at 7:30am, he is out tending his roses. I think he might be out all morning! They are truly stunning and well maintained. The first picture shows his car and the start of the garden. As I’ve mentioned, space is not wasted in Japan. 

If you notice in this picture, there is a sign.

Upon closer inspection, I realized the sign was advertising an event occurring this weekend at the Takeshimaya Mall in Yokohama. 

The event goes from 5/19-5/21. I mentioned the event to both Dave and Dina. Dave said, you should go. Dina said, we should go. Ha! She and I worked our schedules and decided Friday morning would be best.

We took the train to Yokohama. We weren’t really sure what to expect. I just knew from using Google Translate on the sign, the event was on the 8th floor of the mall. It took us a minute to find it because we were overwhelmed with the underwear sale also going on. Check out the illuminated mannequins! 

We eventually found the rose event. Can you believe it was crowded! 10:30am on a Friday! 

The rose arrangements on display were a variety of color and sizes. All were beautiful. 

A couple pictures of my favorites. 

Look at the difference in sizes! 

There were also judges evaluating the rose fragrance. 

We met a very nice lady who spoke English. She helped us vote for our favorite rose. The roses for judging were mounted on a plaque. We were instructed to vote based upon color, size, and fragrance. Dina voted for number 8. I voted for number 1. Although, we will never know which rose won, it was fun to vote. Every vote counts! 

My ballot. 

There is always something that makes the experience a little funnier. As if the underwear sale wasn’t confusing or bizarre enough, there was also a Buddhism exhibit on the same floor. It cost ¥800 to enter and the sign said: no photographs, no talking, and no touching. As if either of us would pay not to talk. People should be paying us not to talk! Ha! I was actually looking for money to pay for a ticket when I realized this wasn’t the exhibit we were looking for – the roses were right behind us! Whew! That was close! Our event was free!