Dave and I decided to spend our Sunday chasing flowers in Kamakura. First, we stopped for lunch at Barchie’s, our favorite bar in Kamakura. We both ordered wraps with a side of rosemary fries. Dave had the pulled pork and I had the pulled chicken. Both were delicious washed down with a Heartland beer.

After lunch, we went to the Hachiman-gu Shrine to see the peony garden. They were stunning. The snow huts were replaced with parasols.

We couldn’t get over how big the blooms were!

The peony garden is one of my favorite “off the beaten path” spots in Kamakura. It is meticulously groomed and very peaceful.

The warm weather has encouraged the wisteria to bloom as well. A large trellis opposite the peony garden held so many wisteria blossoms.

We walked up to the Shrine and passed a wedding couple. Talk about a following! Look at all the tourists taking their picture.

It was such a beautiful Sunday. No matter how many times we visit, Kamakura remains one of our favorite cities.

Thanks for reading! I hope Spring weather is finally making its way to you!