I have mentioned a lot about Kamakura recently. It is my new favorite place to explore. There are so many short hiking trails that lead you along a path to tranquility. For this adventure, I started in Kita Kamakura (where I was yesterday for Ikebana) and went in the opposite direction. It was a beautiful day and I was able to bring my friend, Tiff,  along with me. 

Here was our route. We took the train from where I live in Ikego to Zushi. We had to switch trains & train stations. We walked from the Shin-Zushi station to the Zushi station and then took a train to Kita Kamakura. If you look closely at the map below, Kita Kamakura station is the white rectangle at the top. From there, we walked/ hiked along the road (white line) to the trail (red line).  The red line represents the Daibutsu (Great Buddha) Trail. We then walked to the Hase Station and took the train to Kamakura. Switched trains and went back to Zushi. Switched train stations and walked back to Shin-Zushi station. Hopped on the train to take us back to where I live in Ikego. I executed an almost flawless delivery of train hopping. I made one mistake, an 8 minute mistake. I was confused as to how many stops we should take from Hase to Kamakura. I thought it was only one. Nope it was 3. So, we had to wait 8 minutes for the next train. None the less, I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with my train hopping / google map navigation skills I have developed. 

Moving along, this story is about 4 Buddhas, although I could have called it the trail with 5 trains, obviously. 

After getting off the train in Kita Kamakura, we detoured into the Tokeiji Temple (Circa 1285). This temple was originally a sanctuary for women who desired a divorce, but because of the feudal age they were not permitted to initiate it. Tokeiji provided refuge for women seeking release from their marriage for over 600 years. In 1902, the temple was converted from a nunnery to a monastery during the anti-Buddhist movement. The Tokeiji temple is now a recognized as Zen Temple. What a beautiful & educational detour! And the first of four Buddhas. 

As well as the second Buddha. 

The Japanese maples are really starting to turn beautiful shades of red. 

While we explored the temple, I had my temple book stamped. 

As we continued on our route to the trail, we passed through the Jochi-ji Temple (Circa 1281). Another Zen Temple, the Jochi-ji temple is where I found the God of Happiness (Buddha #3). 

To find the God of Happiness, follow the sign…

Rub the belly for happiness!

We continued our journey along the trail at this point. 

Tree roots. Not sticks.

My favorite tree this fall!

Around the halfway point, we passed Kuzuharagaoka Shrine. The shrine is built on a execution sight from the Kamakura period. Here I was able to get my second temple stamp of the day. 

The remainder of the trail was a short trip to the Great Buddha. Dave and I went here in August during our orientation class. This trail will definitely be on the list when you visit! 

The sun was so delightfully bright!

Tiff & Me

And my finally temple stamp of the day from the Great Buddha (Buddha #4). Four Buddhas in one day is a new record for me!