Thank you for the outpouring of love, support, and congratulations shared yesterday. Dave and I truly appreciate the kind words. I’m happy I could share his promotion with you. Thank you.

Meanwhile, back in Japan… I’m almost caught up to real time. Which is good, because on Thursday Dave and I are taking a trip to Kyoto. I will have so much more to share!

Saturday, July 29th, Dave and I went to the Tokyo Giants baseball game at the Tokyo Dome. The Tokyo Giants were playing the Yokohama Baystars. The Dome from the outside is impressive! The roller coasters and rides in the background are part of the Tokyo Dome City – an amusement park.

From a distance the sunflowers looked amazing. Upon closer inspection they were even more amazing! They are fake flowers that are actually water misters! Perfect for a hot summer day in Tokyo. Plus, they are kawaii!! (As you can tell by the pictures, it was cloudy and drizzly so the misters weren’t needed too much today.)

There is an American Baseball store right by the Tokyo Dome with all the American team’s logos. I paused to pose in my favorite t-shirt’s team. I mean next to my favorite baseball team. Go Brewers!

There were so many people entering the stadium!

We had a group of SRF sailors join us for the game. The orange towels were the free gift of the game. They made GQ ties for the gents!

The Dome was impressive and perfect. It was mildly air conditioned and it prevented a rain delay!

My friend, Sonia, also joined us for the game. Originally from the San Fransisco area, she sported her SF Giants gear with Giants Pride.

At halftime (😉), we went on a hotdog run.

A hotdog with potato chips, BBQ sauce, and a side of fries. Yes, please! Because, Japan.

It was a very fun night. The Giants baseball game at the Dome seemed less animated than the Yokohama Baystars game. The biggest difference was that they didn’t have the balloons during the seventh inning stretch. Simultaneously, the crowd didn’t seem as excited, even though the Giants were winning throughout the entire game. All in all, it was a fun night. Japanese baseball is an experience. If you are brave enough to visit during the summer, I’ll make sure we catch a game! “Put me in coach…”