On Saturday, Yuka and I went to the Yokosuka Theater to see a Noh and Kyōgen performance. The Theater was beautiful. We arrived early had had the opportunity to snap a couple pictures before the show. No photography or videos were permitted during the performances.

Here we are in the lobby. I knew Yuka and I would be friends the first time we went out on a Friday night because we both have great taste in purses! Look how cute we are with our matching Longchamp bags!

Noh and Kyōgen are traditional Japanese stage performances. Both types of performances are passed down from one generation to another. There were two performances. The first one was the Kyōgen performance of Chasanbai – “An International Marriage Problem.” I was given an English insert to help me understand the performance. Kyōgen is a more folksy, comedy performance. It is intended to portray the life of a commoner. I love that the advice given to the wife is to give her husband saké. Even though I didn’t understand the words being said, the acting was comical. Especially, when she chased him off the stage!!

The second act was the Noh performance. Noh is considered the world’s oldest stage performing art. The Noh performance we watched was called “The Chinese Ship.” The stage during the Noh portion was illuminated with candles giving it the appearance of being a harbor. It was much more formal and included a larger group of background singers and stage musicians. There were three different types of drums being played and a flute. The music supported the actors and the story telling. Also during this performance, Japanese subtitles were used to help the viewer follow the plot.

It was such a great experience. I enjoyed having the opportunity to see the performances. Plus, it was fun to have a girl’s night out at the theater!